Why Iron Bull

Improve Organization

Iron Bull hoppers can help meet your goal of having a safe, efficient and pleasant workplace. We understand that the best way to get things done is with good organization. This includes having the right tools for handling scrap and clean up.

Faster and Easier Clean Up

Using Iron Bull Hoppers can cut clean-up time by as much as half, sometimes even more. Specially designed Iron Bull Hoppers reduce the amount of floor space dedicated to scrap collection without giving up capacity. When a shop is better organized, it’s easier to keep clean. And vice versa – a clean shop is easier to keep organized.

Safer Workshop

A clean, well-organized workspace is a safer place to work. Using an Iron Bull hopper is a safe, easy, and quick way to handle scrap. Iron Bull’s hoppers will keep your workplace a pleasant place to work, boosting employee morale and productivity. Using Iron Bull can reduce employee insurance claims and down-time injuries. Workers appreciate a clean, well-organized shop. They will have more confidence and personal satisfaction in the work they do when they have an excellent work environment to do it in.

Iron Tough and Bull Strong

Iron Bull offers some of the toughest, strongest self-dumping hoppers on the market today. These heavy duty features add up to a hopper that will give you years and years of service.