Iron Bull StretchHopper

In early 2014, a large RV manufacturer in Nappanee, Indiana, issued a challenge to Iron Bull. “Build an 8-1/2 ft. wide self-dumping hopper for long scrap, mounted on casters and made to fit a height flush or slightly lower than their table saws.” Why? The manager saw a way to eliminate a small but unnecessary time-and -motion step for workers. He recognized it wasn’t necessary to pick up the scrap by hand to toss it up and over the side of the tall scrap container 6 feet away for every cut.

Now a standard part of the Iron Bull Hopper line up, and made specifically for woodshops, Iron Bull “Stretch”Hoppers are self-dumping, and engineered for efficient operation and ease of use. Available standard with both ends closed, both ends open (for longer material) or open one end with back-stop.

Dimensional lumber scrap of almost any length tends to fit together in the Iron Bull “Stretch”Hopper without scrap bridging up due to pieces settling at odd angles. This helps fill the hopper to capacity reducing the number of trips to the roll-off container or dumping area.

So that is how our Baby Bull “Stretch”Hoppers were born. Today many woodworking shops own Iron Bull “Stretch”Hoppers. Customers frequently tell us, “These hoppers make it so much easier and faster for handling our long scrap.”

If your shop has lots of 6 foot scrap and only occasionally handles material 8 foot or longer, then a 6-foot Baby Bull “Stretch”Open-End hopper will work well. This gives the hopper a smaller footprint without losing capacity. No need in taking up that extra shop space with an 8-foot or longer hopper.

stretch hoppers
5 ft. “Stretch” 1/2 yd. Mini Bull designed for tight spaces with optional
Open-End with Back-Stop, on casters.
stretch hoppers
6 ft., 1 yd. “Stretch”Baby Bull on casters paired with a table saw. Scrap slides
from the saw table, directly into the hopper.