See What Else Our Hoppers Can Do

Just a few of the many time and space saving uses for Iron Bull Drop-BottomHoppers

Iron Bull’s EZ-Load Hopper loads firewood, mulch or other materials from the bottom.
The operator controls how fast the drop bottom doors open as the hopper is raised.
All action is controlled from the operators seat. Faster, easier and safer. No damage, no complaints.
7-yard capacity. Dry flowable material like fine coal and ash is loaded into the top of the hopper.
Unloading from the bottom helps reduce environmental dust. The operator controls from the forktruck how fast the hopper empties. No need to get off the forktruck to unload.
The Iron Bull Coal and Ash Hopper comes in a range of sizes, and can be custom fitted for various applications.
Made to fit any pickup truck bed for handling daily construction site and other debris. Back door opens for convenient loading height.
At the debris dump site, the fork truck lifts the hopper from the bed, takes it to a roll-off container or dump site. Empties from bottom and front.
Now construction workers don't need to clean out daily debris by hand at the end of a hard day's work. The automatic Dump-from-Seat™ is standard for this hopper.
The Job-Hopper™ is a multi-purpose work platform for jobs like siding, windows, trim, gutters and other work off the ground. The safety railing is OSHA compliant.
The Iron Bull Job-Hopper™ is a handy piece of equipment for working on high vertical surfaces, like walls and roof eaves. Also use for loading and lifting roofing shingles or other materials to the roof line.
Converts into a waste container in less than 2 minutes. With the aluminum safety railing and work shelf removed, you now have a trash hopper for roofing debris or end-of-day general worksite clean-up.