Drop Bottom Hoppers

Iron Bull drop bottom hoppers make use of every square inch of floor space. You can now put waste hoppers in the tightest of areas wherever you need them to maximize production. Iron Bull Drop Bottom™ hoppers come as narrow as 20.” You can’t find that anywhere else.

Managers at a large aluminum processing plant asked for a hopper to fit into tight spaces for collecting short scraps of aluminum. We designed a hopper where the bottom opens for discharging the scrap. This is the best way to get the most waste handling capacity for small areas. Company managers saw the advantages of the Drop-Bottom™ hoppers and immediately ordered more.

This successful project sparked interest in the furniture and woodworking industry for collecting wood scraps. Most woodworking shops have some tight areas that do not accommodate a conventional scrap hopper.

Now, with a much smaller footprint, many woodshops can justify using Iron Bull hoppers even in areas with limited space. Our first Drop-Bottom™ customers are giving rave reviews and are ordering their 2nd and 3rd units.

Conventional hoppers
– Wasted “Dead” Space
– Large Footprint

1 cu. yd. Baby Bull standard self dumping hopper
25 sq. ft. of floor space
Large footprint because of “dead” space

Drop-Bottom™ hopper
– No “Dead”Space
– Small Footprint

1 cu. yd. Iron Bull Drop-Bottom™ hopper.
11.5 sq. ft. of floor space
54% less footprint than standard hopper


Simple and Effective Scrap Handling