Iron Tough and Bull Strong

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Today, Iron Bull Hoppers is leading the industry for scrap and trash self-dumping hoppers. Why? It’s because of our dedication to designing only the toughest equipment for workshops, contractors and factories that generate large quantities of bulky scrap material. We offer the best quality hoppers that are Iron Tough and Bull Strong, allowing for quick clean up and safer work places.

Iron Bull’s Unique Design

From the very start we knew we wanted our scrap hoppers to be self-dumping and easy to operate. So, we built them accordingly. Take our Drop-Bottom Hoppers, for example. Whereas with conventional types you need to be an expert fork truck operator, our hoppers can be controlled easily from the fork truck seat. The key components to the design of all of our hoppers, though, are the elements that make them more durable than anything else on the market. Things like a wrap around lip on back corners and welded gussets on inside front corners contribute to equipment integrity. We also use the thickest steel possible to prevent damage, like dents and dings.

IB Hoppers Provide Safety In the Workplace

According to the Better Business Bureau, the number one cause of workplace injury is overexertion. And the number two cause being slips, trips and falls. That’s why safety, especially in wood and workshops, should be the top concern for any employer. Iron Bull Hoppers greatly reduces the risk of overexertion in workshops. For example, our Stretch models were built to operate alongside (flush with or lower than tables) work stations, making it quick and easy to load. No longer do employees need to lift bulky scrap materials, like heavy 6-foot wood scrap, and toss them into containers above their shoulders or head.

Additionally, employees appreciate equipment that reduces clean up time. Iron Bull Hoppers typically cut clean up time in half. When shops and work spaces are easier to keep clean and organized, less workplace injuries occur.

When we combined all of these elements together we created hoppers that proved to be tough, durable pieces of machinery. We are proud to offer our customers such equipment that’s easy to operate and provides cleaner, safer workplaces all over the country. Click here to begin exploring all of our hoppers.